Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two very unusual bikes

We've seen quite a few bikes on this trip. But unfortunately most of them have sped past us at 100 km/h, attached to a car or caravan. It seems that biking is something that people like to do in the evenings after they've found a nice spot to park the car.

But today we met a couple of bikes that actually had people on them, and not just tourists like ourselves! Alexandra and William are on an amazing eleven-year journey with their bikes, a tent and a guitar. They sing and play at hospitals, retirement homes, schools etc. and have covered about 40 000 km by now.

You can check out their website at:

This must be one of the coolest aspects of slow travel: meeting people you'd never ever bump into in your ordinary safe life. My brain's still trying to digest the thought of eleven years on a bike. (Their saddles did look much more comfortable than ours...)

Good luck! At least today you had the tail wind! :)

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