Monday, July 21, 2008

It's getting warmer now!

A japanese proverb says that even a stone will get warm if you sit on it for three years. The same logic seems to hold true for the weather in Sweden. After more than our fair share of head wind and heavy rain we finally saw a day that was so close to peerfect that it was almost scary. (I mean to say, we didn't almost dare take any breaks, lest his paradise would be snached away from us.)

Continuing with the analogies, in vaisnava hinduism the spiritual world is described as a place where every word is like a song and every step like a dance. Today Skåne geve us a small glimpse of something akin, as even every up hill felt like a down hill. We did some 20+ km/hour climbing, and even more when descending. Without feeling any strain doing so. All while the sun bathed us with its soothing rays.

This was what cycling is like as its best. We have once again fallen in love with the road! And it only took us five days of bashing to be able to truly appreciate it when it's good.

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