Thursday, August 7, 2008


So a thunderstorm was upon us and forced us to book a place to stay for the night. Aiming for as cheap as possible was our goal. Not too hard to do, right? Or so we thought. Except when we arrived at the place the price had gone up from 50 euros (not that cheap to start with...) to something around 70.

You see, there was the issue of a mandatory breakfast which incidentally was not part of the price of lodging. And even when Kaisa did her best trying to explain how we were vegetarian, and wouldn't be able to eat anything they had (example: a sign boasting that they now carry fresh frogs!) was to no avail.

They even called the cook to the reception (French people are like too loud children with a need to make a big fuzz of every small thing) to assure us that all of their cheeses where natural. Now I might not be an expert in the wide world of fromage, but can someone please explain to me what an "un-natural" cheese looks like? It's the animal rennet we don't care for. But try getting that concept within the head of a frenchman whose hobbies include stuffing live geese with so much food that their livers explode.

So we lost some money, big deal. But being ripped of by greedy useless breakfast sellers with no flexibility earns them the award of unpleasant people. We've stayed at many places during this trip, but these people are just plain annoying. Yes, I'm upset!

My dear hotel people of Poligny - you suck!

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Anonymous said...

Of course, I should have known it... The ONLY good thing about France is their cheese, and of course you refuse to eat it...