Thursday, June 26, 2008


Name: Kaisa Maria Leka

Age: I was born in the late 70’s in a small town outside Lahti (another small town...) to which I hopefully never have to return.

Occupation: comic book artist (Yes, I actually do make a living on it!)

Best bicycle memory: Riding into the Helsinki velodrome after finishing the 140-kilometer Tour de Helsinki in the fall of 2007.

Said by others: ”Look mom – a robot!” (a 5-year old on the street)

Reading now: Greetings from Vrindavana, a book about a pilgrim’s experiences in the small Indian town of Vrindavana in Uttar Pradesh.

Favorite food: Lasagna with lots of cheese

Favorite drink: Old Jamaican Ginger Beer with fiery ginger root

Fears most: That people laugh at me for riding too slowly.

My motto: ”Sometimes more is more!” –Paula Scher’s adaptation of Mies van der Rohe’s famous axiom


Name: Christoffer Leka

Age: 35 years young.

Profession: teacher in graphic design

Best bicycle memory: Riding in the moonlike landscape of the Norweigan mountains with 1680 kilometers behind us.

Said by others: ”I always had you for someone ideologically oposed to all forms of sports.”
– a relative after hearing about our plans to ride to the North Sea

Reading now: Stories for Little Comrades - a book about the russian avantgarde artists role in illustrating childerns books

Favorite food: Rye bread and lots of butter.

Favorite drink: Applejuice - by the gallon

Fears most: Dentists and having to take shots.

My motto: ”there is no such thing as being to conscentious!”

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