Thursday, June 26, 2008


In the spring of 2007 two couch potatoes had had enough. Both of them were tired of constantly sitting in front of their computers. Doing graphic design and comics isn’t an unpleasant way of making a living, but life surely had something more to offer than just fixing bad spacing between letters.

Without knowing with certainety how they arrived at the decision they had reached an understanding: In the upcoming summer they would be standing on the coast of the North Sea. That they would get there by bike made the whole effort just a bit more challenging.

In the morning of July the 15th 2007 it was raining cats and dogs. We bravely got on our bikes, headed towards North, the distance between us and our comfortable home growing longer with every turn of the pedals. Two weeks and five days later we had passed a multitude of countryside supermarkets named ”supermarket”, met a goose called Höpönlöpönen and a German shephard called ”That”. We had performed an off-road fix costing us 20 cents in front of a gas station, and to our reat dismay noted that whatever the King of Norway had spent his oil money on it surely wasn’t good pavement for roads. With 1 700 kilometers behind us we finally stood on the coast of the North Sea. And it sure felt like we had earned the right to stand there.

But what happened after that?

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