Thursday, June 26, 2008

The plan

If you’re feeling bored,
go to Mykonos or Sardinia or Saint Tropez.
You could never be bored there.
–Paris Hilton


A life without challenges is a boring one. And if one gets bored, one does wisely in listening to the words of miss Hilton: it’s always a good idea to let one’s mind wander to foreign countries with warmer water and cooler shades!

During the summer of 07 we had come us far up North as we could – without swimming that is. For approximately three weeks we had been biking North, and in the beginning of August we reached a small fisher village called Mehamn. It was here the world ended, we concluded, when standing on the shore gazing towards the never-ending sea.

The goal of our trip had been to better understand the country we lived in. And maybe get a small glimpse into Northern Norway’s topography too.

We had achieved the thing we dreamed of. But even more important that reaching our goal was the fact that we had done something that we ourselves hadn’t fully believed was possible. Two geeks had bid farewell to their computers, shaken off the dust of the big city, and shown that with determination and perseverance anyone can achieve something great.

But to end the story here wouldn’t feel right. This year it’s time to make a u-turn. Now we will be heading South. Our dream of warmth and light is the beacon we follow in this cold northern country called Finland. Our dream of the blue coast.

The plan is to bike from Finland through Sweden and Germany all the way to the French Riviera. We have reserved four to five weeks for the journey, which means that we’re looking at 65-mile days. A whole lot of pedaling!

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